Did you send a group message and the group was deleted or the participants were removed? If you need to get these contacts back, you can use our "ninja trick" to find the group in the analytics / logs page and add them back into a group.


Click here.


Click on More (three dots).

Click on Analytics.

Click on Logs.

Then pick it up from Step 3 below.

2022.Jan.9: The process is the same, but the screenshots are for V2. We are in the process of updating. You will probably be able to follow along though.


First, you need to access your logs:

1. Click Analytics

2. Select "Logs"

3. Filter by "SMS OUTBOX (Group)", choose the date range to show the message you sent last, click "Show".

4. Now, find the group message you sent, and click the "graph" icon.

5. Now you will see that group's sent statistics. Scroll down and make sure you change the "show per page" setting to show all of your group members below.

6. Now, you can copy (do not copy the title row though - only the names and numbers of your contacts listed) the contacts that received that message.

7. Paste the list into a new excel spreadsheet. Delete the columns that do not contain their first, or last name, or phone number:

8. Save this excel spreadsheet as a .csv file.

9. Now you can follow the directions on how to IMPORT contacts into PastorsLine. Pay special attention to step 6 and choose the group you need to add these people BACK into.

To import from a .csv file


Click here.


Click on People (gold box in image above).

Click on Add Person or Import (turquoise arrow in image above).

The following box will pop up:

Click on Import Person and then Next.

Now scroll down to #3 below and pick it up from the V2 Import contacts page.


1. Go to your contacts Page

2. Click the "+" icon for more options, and select "import contacts"

3. Click "Select File" to upload your .csv file.

4. Once you have chosen your file to upload, click "save" to move onto the next step.

5. Select your country

6. To add these people to a group you have already created in PastorsLine, start typing the name of the group to populate a list to choose from. Select the group.

If you want to add them to multiple groups, repeat this process until you have selected all the groups to add them to. Click "continue" once finished.

7. Match each column header with the appropriate field, then click "continue".

8. You will now be in the preview screen. Double check to make sure the column headers and fields are matched correctly, then click "continue".

9. The last step gives you a summary of your import - it will let you know if any contacts were not imported (if they were already in the database) and how many were added. Click "finish import" to finish.

Now those members will be reinstated back into the group you needed them to be.

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