There could be several different reasons why your contact(s) are showing "grayed" out or "faded". Check out this list, and contact us via chat (or email: [email protected]), if you do not believe your situation fits any of the below reasons.

1. They might have been deleted in PastorsLine (if they are a contact synced with an integration, they would still show, but would be grayed out since they are deleted from PL and not your ChMS).

Looks like this in the contacts page:

Looks like this in the Group page:

*Solution: In the "Contacts" Page, restore your contact one by one:

Or if you need to restore all of your deleted, synced contacts at once, in the contacts page, click the "settings" (gear) icon, and click "restore all deleted synced contacts":

In the groups page, you cannot restore deleted contacts. You will need to manage this in the Contacts Page:

2. They might have been unsubscribed from receiving texts from you by a user on your account, or unsubscribed themselves. Looks like this:

*Solution: Resubscribe the contact if they were unsubscribed on accident (be careful that you don't re-subscribe people who have asked to be removed from your communications):

3. They might have been removed from the group on the PastorsLine side, but are still in the synced group or list in your ChMS. Looks like this:


If synced with CCB, you need to either restore the contact(s) to the PastorsLine group, or remove them from the CCB group on the CCB side of things:

If PCO: The only way to fix this is to restore them to the group, you cannot manually remove a contact from a people list in PCO due to the search criteria used for those.

4. If this is a group linked to a PCO list, They are probably added to the group (either manually or because they texted a keyword linked to this group), but cannot be added to the list the group is synced with (since lists look for specific criteria that those contacts don't currently meet). Looks like this (with no option to restore):

*Solution: To fix this so they show up on your PCO list too, follow these directions to add the correct search criteria HERE.

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