After having the HUB for over 1 year in beta, we are beginning to move everyone over to gather more data, reduce the need to support two systems which frees up resources to complete our revamp and add new features.

We highly recommend giving the new HUB a try as it's faster and should eventually be more intuitive. We do understand though, that switching from a sense of normalcy to something new can be difficult.

Should you want to revert this change and switch back to the older interface by default (something we are phasing out active support on), you can turn this off. *see bottom of article on how to do this

If you need to access any of the old links, while you are getting used to the new HUB, you can.

Step 1: Click on the MORE (...) menu item

Step 2: Click on the desired links like Inbox 1.0, Voice 1.0 etc.

If you want to turn ON or turn OFF the HUB from being your default view, follow these easy steps:

1. Click your name on the top right corner of the screen, and select "Profile"

2. Toggle on or off the options you want as your default, and click "update" to save these changes. You can also choose your default for our mobile app.

We do encourage you to try the new HUB as we move towards switching everything over in the coming months.

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