If you are looking for how to calculate your credit usage for a given period of time, check out this article HERE.

How to Find and Generate your Logs


Step 1: (orange box above) Make sure you are in the HUB by clicking on the HUB icon.

Step 2: (green box above) Click on the Groups icon.

A list of all your Groups will show (above).

Step 3: Click on the Group for which you want to check the message logs. In our example above, we clicked on the group, "Jason Test all 123". Note that this name also appears in the middle column above the list of text messages. (blue arrows + line above)

Step 4: Scroll up/down the page until you find the message for which you want to check the log. Note that scrolling up the page will bring you to earlier messages. Scrolling down the page will bring you to more recent ones.

Step 5: (red box above) Basic log statistics are under the message. The green number tells you the percentage of sent messages; the red number the percentage of unsent messages. To make sure you are seeing the latest statistics, click the word Refresh.

Step 6: (blue box above) If you hover in the statistics area, the Click for details message will pop up. Clicking on the statistics will open the Sent Statistics page for that message (below).

Viewing the statistics of a particular message.


As you can see, the above message was supposed to be sent to 15 contacts. However, the log shows 0 Sent, i.e. no contacts received this message.


0 Unsubscribed: In this example, none of the contacts had unsubscribed, or opted out, so that's not the reason.

Let's look further.

3 Duplicates: The same information appears several times in the PastorsLine system and might need your attention. Typically, this is because multiple contacts within that group are sharing the same number. The system will send the message to the primary contact and will skip the other "duplicate contacts".

12 Landlines: Landline, in most cases are not text-enabled, so no sense in wasting credits sending to them. We automatically skip these numbers.

0 Unformatted #: Number that have either "0", "1" or "10" - meaning there is no phone number listed for that contact. In this example, all the numbers were correctly formatted, so that wasn't the reason.

Statistics tabs

A little lower on the page, you will find three tabs: Final, Reprocessed, Original.


These are the statistics from the first time your group message was sent.


These numbers show any additional improvement. For example, if your message was flagged due to carrier filtering, and we reprocessed those messages using either our short code or toll free number, you would see those stats in this tab.


Here you see the end result of sending this group message.

If you refresh the statistics, the numbers will be updated as relevant in these tabs and in the group message lines further down the page.

You can choose from several types of logs to view in the Analytics - Logs screen:

  • SMS Inbox (Single)—any incoming msgs sent by individuals to your PastorsLine number(s).

  • SMS Outbox (Single)—msgs sent from your PastorsLine number(s) to individuals.

  • SMS Outbox (Group)—msgs sent from your PastorsLine number(s) to groups.

  • Voice Outbox (Group)—voice broadcasts sent from your PastorsLine number(s) to groups.

  • Voice Outbox (Single)—phone calls made from your PastorsLine number(s) to individuals.

  • Voice Inbox (Single)—any incoming phone calls made by individuals to your PastorsLine number(s).

  • Credits—a running list of your credits which are used or added each month. (To be improved as we go on.)

  • Undelivered—any messages that were not able to be delivered. For a complete list of reasons your message was undelivered, click HERE.

*Note: We cannot track read, opened, viewed, etc. The carriers only send back delivered or undelivered messages to us.

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