1. Click your name on the top right corner of the screen, and go to your integrations page

2. Select the "Free" tab

3. Under the "MailChimp" Integration section, click either "Select Group(s) to sync" or "Select Group(s) to sync"

4. Toggle on the List you want to be brought over as a group into PastorsLine, and click "sync lists"..

5. Do the same for Groups that you want brought over to PastorsLine as groups, and click "sync lists".

All of your contacts do come over into PastorsLine when you turn on the integration with Mailchimp. What we do during your initial sync is we get ALL the audiences AND we get ALL the contacts in each audiences and treat them separate and bring those over into your PastorsLine account.

That means if you have a contact with email address me@yahoo.com in both Audience 1 and Audience 2 in your MailChimp account, you would see 2 records of me@yahoo.com get imported into PastorsLine. the reason for this one is in MC, if you delete me@yahoo.com from Audience 1, the other email is still going to stay in Audience 2. Each contact in specific audiences are treated differently in MailChimp, so they are treated differently in PastorsLine.

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