1. Log into V3

  2. Get to your Integrations page...



Click on your thumbnail image / icon / initials in the bottom, left-hand corner of your screen (gold #2 in image to the left).


Click on Integrations (turquoise box and 3 in image to the left).



2.2.1 Long click on More Menus (3 dot icon, turquoise circle in image to the left).

2.2.2 Select Settings from the dropdown menu (gold box in image to the left).

2.2.3 Select Admin Settings.

2.2.4 Select Integrations.

3. The Integrations page will open up, showing all your current integrations. Make sure you are on the Premium integration tab.

4. Scroll down to Breeze (gold arrow in image below).

5. Click either Select Tag(s) to Sync (gold box below) or Select Event(s) to Sync (brown box below).

6. Toggle on the Tags you want to be brought over as groups into PastorsLine (brown box below), and click Sync Tags (gold box and arrow below).

7. Do the same for Events that you want brought over to PastorsLine as groups (brown box below), and click Sync Events (gold box and arrow below).

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