This option is a 1-way sync and does not require being linked to a group in CCB. Anyone added to the group in PL will also be added to the PQ. Anyone added to the PQ in CCB will NOT be added to the group in PL.

Check out more ways to integrate with Process Queues HERE.

For partners with existing groups...

Step 1: Go to your Groups page (brown box below).

Step 2: Find the group name, and in the Actions column, click the pencil icon to "edit" the group (brown circle below).

Step 3: The Edit Group page will open. Find the Sync with an external app toggle button (green box below). Toggle it on (button will turn purple).

Step 4: Click on the downward arrow (orange box above) to select CCB from the dropdown list. Notice how CCB is now populated in this space (screenshot below).

Step 5: Click on the downward arrow (blue box below). A dropdown list will open.

Step 6: In the dropdown list, click on Add to PQ only (green box below).

Notice that this choice is now the "CCB Group" below.

Step 7: Toggle on the Also add to a Process Queue? button (green box above). The Checking API Credentials screen will open. DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING.

If all goes well, this screen will disappear by itself, leaving the Process Queue button toggled on (button is purple in screenshot below) AND guiding you to select your process queue by clicking on the downward arrow (green box below) and choosing from the dropdown list.

Step 8: Click SAVE.

That's it!

Your PastorsLine group is now synced with the CCB process queue of your choice.

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