You can change the user that you are using to integrate with PastorsLine with. It is only recommended to do this when absolutely necessary. Anytime you turn off the integration, we do remove all of your contacts and lists from your account. This would include anyone currently in a campaign or group, so before you turn off the integration, make sure you export out any information out of your campaigns and groups that you will need once your account is resynced. Your campaigns will remain, but the contacts will be removed from them.

Once you sign back in with the new user, your contacts will be added back again.

The history of your conversations will appear to be gone from the inbox, but are not actually deleted, they are only hidden until the conversation is opened back up. In order to get them back, you would need to search for the person's name or number and click on the results. Then you would see the entire thread history again.

To edit or change the user being used for the integration:

1. Click "Edit":

2. Check your country code, make sure you are either signed OUT of PCO completely, or make sure you are currently signed in to the user you want to integrate your PastorsLine account under, and click "Authorize Application".

If you are already logged into your PCO account as this new PastorsLine user, once you click to Authorize, we will autolog you in and the syncing will begin.

Otherwise, you will be redirected to a login page. Once you have logged in with the new user's credentials, you will be redirected back to your PastorsLine account and the sync will begin.

You will receive an email once the sync has completed.

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