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V3: How many credits do voice broadcasts and the other voice features use?
V3: How many credits do voice broadcasts and the other voice features use?

Current cost information for all types of voice broadcasts, call forwarding, outgoing and incoming calls, voicemail, transcription, etc.

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Sending a voice message (Voice Broadcast)

This costs 2 credits per minutes plus machine detection if used. The cost of machine detection is an additional flat rate of 0.5 credits per number called.
An alternative to machine detection is to turn on the call screening greeting. While this option is free, it DOES add additional seconds to the call, so that might bump your call price into the next minute and double the credit cost. Check out the full discussion here.

Incoming calls

These cost 2 credits per minute, if you are not using the call forwarding feature. If you are using the call forwarding feature, incoming calls cost 3 credits per minute. If your caller leaves a voicemail, it costs 1 additional credit, and if the message is transcribed, it costs an additional 4 credits.

Outgoing calls

The cost is 2 credits per minute.

Call forwarding

You will pay 3 credits per minute.

***It is 1 credit more IF the caller left a voicemail recording - fixed charge per voicemail.

***It costs 4 credits more to transcribe the voicemail to text - fixed charge per voicemail.

The costs shown above are estimates.

It could be more, but it could also be less. Make sure you have enough credits to cover you if the cost does go up into the next rate.

If you are looking for directions on how to send a voice broadcast:

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