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There is now a Reject All option.

You click on More information (purple question mark, turquoise box in image to the left).

You click on the Integration with conflicting contacts (yellow arrow in image to the left).

You will now see a red Reject All button (turquoise box in image to the left).

If you click on Reject All, this confirmation box will box up:

It says that "Using this bulk 'Reject All' option would take all of your selected, unresolved conflicted profiles and archive those records without merging the data in your integrated external app. CAN'T BE UNDONE." In other words, Reject All will delete the PastorsLine profiles for these contacts.

Click the box (turquoise 1 in image above) to accept the terms and conditions.

Click Reject All (turquoise 2 in image above) to proceed.


Let's say you have MANY unresolved conflicted profiles. You don't want to go through each one. So, manually resolve those which you know you want to merge. Then, use the Reject All option to archive the ones which are left.

How to Resolve pending duplicates through Smart Syncing

If you see a "red clock" icon next to a group, that means you have profiles that have possible duplicates and need action.  **PLEASE NOTE: We auto-match pending duplicates every 5 minutes. If you have recently synced a group, or refreshed recent changes wait 10-15 minutes to see if they are all automatched first.

Step 1: To view the Group details page, click the "view" icon

Step 2: On the Group Details page, click on the Resolve Dupes and Sync tab. The Pending Resolutions And Possible Matched Contacts page will open. 

The smart syncing logic which generated this page
The PastorsLine platform uses three matching criteria: phone number, first and last names, and email address. Using this information, we can narrow down the possibilities to a short list of highly probable, potential duplicates. The unique searches are shown on the right-hand side (RHS) of the Pending Resolutions And Possible Matched Contacts page. The duplicates are shown on the left-hand side (LHS).

NOTE: The first time smart syncing checks a contact it is quite strict. Even if one match is found, if the first/last name, email, or phone number do not match exactly, smart syncing will not automatch it.

After the first time…
After this first initial match through smart syncing, when the contact texts in new information in the future, the system will update this profile automatically.

Before, we did this after searching for only one record (name, email or number), and the data from PastorsLine would override the one in the integration (PCO, CCB). That is logical and works well assuming the person texting in gives good information. If they give garbage, it's not great.

Step 3: Now, you will pick the potential record to resolve from the LHS.

Then you will see the matching list of probable duplicates on the RHS. This page will show you the current contact so you can decide to keep the incoming, pick from the potential duplicates or create a new record. Here’s how:

2a. Select the match you desire by clicking on the desired option from the RHS. 

2b. Click on Finalize then the Merge icon at the top. 

The Set the primary record association box will pop up. Setting the primary contact default is for the PastorsLine platform ONLY and does not have any connection with your external app setup. 

2c. Double check your choice, and then click on Merge and Sync to finalize the process.

Step 3: Repeat this process for all the duplicates on the LHS. 


  • If PastorsLine did not find any potential matches, you will need to manually give us one before merging and syncing. This includes creating new contacts for people not yet in the system. (If the contact is indeed a NEW contact and not a duplicate based on the list that populates, you can select "create new record" and a new record will be created for that person)

  • Once you deal with all your duplicates, your Pending Resolutions And Possible Matched Contacts page will be empty.

Does this process work for non-keyword features such as adding contacts manually to campaigns/data captures?
Absolutely, and we’d be grateful if you could test this out and report back to use about how it went.

How can you help?

We’ve done a lot of extensive testing, but more is better. So, if you are actively using this feature, we would love it if you could test it in different conditions, and give us some feedback about how it is working...or not...with screenshots if at all possible.

We’re pretty excited about smart syncing and hope you are, too.

PastorsLine is one of the only platforms that offers a two-way integration with CCB, one with PCO, and (soon) one with Mail Chimp. One-way integrations are relatively easy to do, but as a former engineer, I am called to take up the ‘two-way challenge’. It gives me joy to solve the difficult problems so you don’t have to...and I also know that this is what churches really need.

Looking forward to getting your feedback soon!

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