To send a simple keyword auto-reply with links (NO DATA CAPTURE), check out this article HERE.

Scroll down to the bottom of this article for a special "Ninja Trick" to help you send an auto reply (and data capture) with a link using an AMC.

You can use an Automated Message Campaign to send messages with links. FIrst, you need to create an AMC to use. To send a link via keyword auto-reply see the bottom of this article for a "ninja trick".

Here is how to create an Automated message campaign:

1. You can go to the campaigns page and select “Create New Campaign”

2. Then select "Create New Automated Message Campaign" from the drop down menu. 

3. Name your campaign something that will be easy to identify the purpose of this campaign.

4. The “Edit Triggers” option allows you to choose how a person is entered into the campaign. They can be entered by texting a keyword, by finishing an auto data capture campaign, or by group. (For Ninja trick below - use "trigger by group")

4a. By keyword means anyone who texts your keyword to your number will be entered into this campaign.

4b. By finishing an auto data capture, that means anyone who goes through a data capture you have set up will be entered into this campaign

4c. By Group means anyone who is added to the group will trigger the campaign. *Please note that anyone who is already in the group will not be added to the campaign. Only NEW people who are added to the group will be.

5. Click “Add New” to add a message.

6. Title you message something that will remind you what that message is for – ex. “1st message sent the Monday after”, or “Thank you for visiting – MONDAY”

6a. If this is the first message you are adding to an AMC, there will be a couple extra fields to select. Choose your "Message type" (Choose SMS/TEXT)

6b. Then choose the "Timer settings". This cannot be changed once selected. You can choose either evergreen or date based. Choose Evergreen if this is not a one time use, date specific campaign. 

7. Click "SAVE" and you will be taken back to the AMC and a new "step" in the campaign will be added. Click anywhere on the message bar or the Drop down icon on the far right. 

8. Next, choose your “From” number. Default will automatically send the message from whichever number they texted into. If you have multiple numbers, you can also choose to send from a different number. This is where you need to choose the short code as the "from" number. If you do not see the short code as an option, save this AMC and check out this article HERE.

9. Type in your desired message, with that link, and take advantage of using merge fields to personalize your message even more! 

Also, pay close attention to the "To" person that is selected here - make sure it says "subscriber". 

Check the "from" number one last time and make sure it is set for the short code. 

Check out the automatic signature that will be at the end of your message below the text box. You can make changes to this signature in the "Organization Settings Page"

*The message on the right is for anyone who is already in this automated step. To avoid sending someone the same message multiple times, you have the option to send a different message. You can also turn this on and leave it blank to skip sending a message at all.

10. Choose when you want it to be sent. 

For date specific campaigns, select the date and time you want the message sent. 

For Evergreen, select either "Send After" or "Immediately". Specify the number of days you want the message to wait until it's sent, select Same day, or the desired day of the week, and the time. 0 days means we won’t wait any days, and will send on the next day of the week you chose.  The number of days chosen is the number of minimum days we will wait to send your message. The Day of the week is the first day of the week AFTER the number of days you chose to wait. 

*Message timing is based on the previous step. So message 1 is sent after the person is added to the AMC. Message 2 is sent after message 1 is sent, etc. *For example: If a guest texts your keyword on Sunday, and you want to send a message to them the next day, you would need to put “0” and choose Monday. This tells us you don’t want us to wait ANY days, and you want it to be sent on the FIRST Monday after they texted in. If they didn’t text in until Wednesday, the message would be sent the following Monday. Using "send immediately" sends the  message in 3-6 minutes. Check out more info about the timing HERE.

10. Click “Save” or "Add New" (Both will save the Campaign, Add New just takes you straight into creating the next message)

*Ninja trick

 You can set up a group with a simple keyword and auto-reply for people to opt into and minutes later can use an AMC to automatically send links to them. 

  1. First, create your group with a keyword - either WITH or WITHOUT a data capture.
  2. Edit the auto-reply for this group / keyword to say something letting them know to be on the lookout for a message from 774-11 with a link to register / sign up / connect / etc. "Thanks for your interest in our Men's conference! In just a few minutes you will receive a message from 774-11 with a link to finish your registration!"
  3. Create your AMC with the message you want sent - including that link and choose to "send immediately" to send that message right away. 
  4. Make sure you have "trigger by group" turned on in the AMC trigger settings and select your group you created in step 1. 

Now anyone who texts your keyword will be walked through the data capture (or not) and will be put into that AMC. Within 3-6 minutes they should receive that message with the link from the short code. 

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