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V3: Ninja Trick- Custom Data Capture Fields
V3: Ninja Trick- Custom Data Capture Fields

Using address capture field to capture custom info...perhaps...if you have not already enabled it.

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When this article was written, PastorsLine did not yet integrate with the address data capture field. As a result, this field was available to be used as a custom field for data capture as a work around / ninja trick custom fields for data capture but we do have a work around / ninja trick. (Please note that it will not integrate back to your ChMS.)


Now PastorsLine DOES integrate with the address data capture field. So, it may or may not be available for your use as a custom data field.

Step 1: Did you enable the address field when you set up your integration sync?

Yes --> Sorry. This is a ONE TIME PROCESS. It cannot be reversed or turned off. So, this ninja trick is not available to you.

No --> Go to Step 2.

Step 2: Are you already using the address field as a custom data field somewhere else?

Yes --> Sorry. The address field must be used consistently within PastorsLine. So, this ninja trick is not available to you.

No --> You can use this ninja trick. REMEMBER: If you use the address field here for a purpose, you cannot use it for another purpose somewhere else.


You can use the address field on the data capture to ask for different information (examples: campus attended, prayer request, how many kids in their family) -instead of asking for their address . This information can be viewed within the group under the address field. You can then export the group members, their info, along with their response to the address data capture, and it will show in the exported spreadsheet. 

1. Create a group with your keyword - with a data capture. (check our this article HERE on how to do this)

2. Use the address field to instead ask for the information you need captured. (Ex. "Please let us know your prayer request", "How many children are in your family?", "Which Campus did you attend today?")

3. Use the Last message in the data capture to let them know their response has been received and someone will follow up with them, etc. 

4. You can then view this capture information in the group, under the address section. Or you can export the group members and all of their information and view/sort accordingly. 

Another (simpler but more manual) option is to just create a group with an data capture and use the last message to send the question you need information about. 

When they reply, any user assigned to that number will receive an email notification (if they have that option turned on in their notification settings) letting them know the name of the person, their phone number and their message that was sent. 

You can then forward that email to the appropriate person to handle the response however you needed.

**You can even add more automation and once you have prayed for them/taken care of/recorded their response, move them into a group linked to another Automated Message Campaign that sends them a message letting them know someone has prayed for them, etc - or manually send them a text letting them know.

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