To enable the use of short code or edit your short code signature, check out this article HERE.

Sending a message from the short code on your account: HUB

Step 1: Go into the Hub.

Step 2: Choose your message via one of the following options:
Click on the Messages Filter (filing icon) to see your messages list. (orange in screenshot below)
Click on the Groups Filter (people icon) to show which groups you can choose from.  (green in screenshot below)
Use the Search option (magnifying glass icon) to look for a person or group. (turquoise in screenshot below) 

Step 3: Type your text message as usual. 

Step 4: At the bottom of the screen just under the Text Message Box (see green rectangle in screenshot below), click on the downward arrow  to choose the number from which to send. 

The Sending from screen will pop up. 

Step 5: Toggle on the short code. The button will turn purple.

Step 6: Click Close (if it does not close automatically).

Step 7: Check that the short code now appears as the sending from number.

Step 8: Send your message as usual.

Sending a message from the short code on your account: Inbox 1.0

  1. Type your message to your group or individual as usual. *Please note links will not be automatically shortened when using the short code. Please insert the link you would like to send as-is. 
  2. Click the drop down "Sending As" menu

3. Select the "Sending as 77411-short code" option. *if you do not see this number as a send as option, click HERE

4. Check the Signature now shown at the bottom of the message and make sure the information is correct. To edit this, click HERE.

5. Choose to Send or schedule your message. 

*In some cases, sending message from the short code might be marked undelivered IF the recipient has blocked all messages from short codes. This is managed through their carrier and is not something we can turn off or on. IF your message is blocked for this reason, we will auto-reprocess your message using your primary number (the number shown in the signature). 

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