1. Using our Mobile App
  2. Setting up your notifications
  3. Dashboard, Inbox and HUB
  4. Contacts
  5. Groups and Keywords
  6. Voice
  7. Voice Record Options
  8. Campaigns
  9. Analytics
  10. Integrations
  11. Templates, Facebook, and Help Notes
  12. Web Widgets
  13. Billing Page
  14. My Profile and Notifications
  15. Users - coming soon
  16. Numbers - coming soon
  17. Security - coming soon

Using our Mobile app:

Getting Started at my.PastorsLine.com:

Set up your notifications

Dashboard, Inbox and HUB Overview:

Contacts Page Overview:

Groups and Keywords Overview:

Voice Overview:

**New Voice Record from the Web Option

Campaigns Overview:

Analytics Overview:


Templates, Facebook Community and Help Notes

Web Widgets


My Profile and Notifications

Users - coming soon

Numbers - coming soon

Security - coming soon

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