Terms to know:

Data Capture (DC): the campaign you can use to collect contact information like name, email, address, and/or date of birth through an automated text conversation

Automated Message Campaign (AMC) : The campaign you can use to schedule a series of messages over any amount of time. Including texts, emails (through mailchimp), polls, voice messages, and internal messages to other users on the account

Short code: Our PastorsLine shared, 5-digit short code. This number is available to all our clients. So, you have access to using it as your "from" number when sending messages and/or a number you can use with reserved keywords.

Long code / Local number: The 10-digit number you choose to be your PastorsLine number. This is a dedicated number you own that you can use to send / receive messages and use keywords with.

Keyword: A word you get to choose to trigger auto-replies / campaigns.

  1. Using our Mobile App

  2. Setting up your notifications

  3. Dashboard, Inbox and HUB

  4. Contacts

  5. Groups and Keywords

  6. Voice

  7. Voice Record Options

  8. Campaigns

  9. Analytics

  10. Integrations

  11. Templates, Facebook, and Help Notes

  12. Web Widgets

  13. Billing Page

  14. My Profile and Notifications

  15. Users

  16. Numbers

  17. Security

Using our Mobile app:

Getting Started at my.PastorsLine.com:

Set up your notifications

How to set up your notifications

Dashboard, Inbox and HUB Overview:

Contacts Page Overview:

What contacts come over when using integrations

How to import contacts

How to delete contacts

Groups and Keywords Overview:

Creating a group with a keyword and autoreply (NO data capture)

Creating a group with a keyword and data capture

Edit, Add, or Delete keywords from a group

How to set up and Use your Short Code Keywords

Using the filters in your groups page

Voice Overview:

HUB (recommended):

How to send a Voice broadcast (HUB)

Using Call Screening Greeting

How many credits do voice broadcasts use

Call Forwarding

Voice 1.0 (Legacy) *Retiring soon

More info can be found HERE

Campaigns Overview:

What campaign type should I use?

Creating a Guest Follow up workflow from A-Z

Analytics Overview:

How to find your analytics

How to view your group's sent statistics from the HUB


Templates, Facebook Community and Help Notes

Web Widgets

How to set up a web widget


My Profile and Notifications

Users Page Overview

How to add a new user

User Roles Explained

Edit user Privileges

How to give Billing Privileges to a User


Adding more numbers to your account

How do the credits work for extra numbers?

How do I verify a phone number I own to use as a voice caller ID?

Deleting numbers from your account

Switching which number is your primary number


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