Terms to know:

Data Capture (DC): the campaign you can use to collect contact information like name, email, address, and/or date of birth through an automated text conversation

Automated Message Campaign (AMC) : The campaign you can use to schedule a series of messages over any amount of time. Including texts, emails (through mailchimp), polls, voice messages, and internal messages to other users on the account

Short code: Our PastorsLine shared, 5-digit short code. This number is available to all our clients. So, you have access to using it as your "from" number when sending messages and/or a number you can use with reserved keywords.

Long code / Local number: The 10-digit number you choose to be your PastorsLine number. This is a dedicated number you own that you can use to send / receive messages and use keywords with.

Keyword: A word you get to choose to trigger auto-replies / campaigns.

Using our Mobile app:

Getting Started at my.PastorsLine.com:

Set up your notifications

Dashboard, Inbox and HUB Overview:

Contacts Page Overview:

Groups and Keywords Overview:

Creating a group with a keyword and data capture

Voice Overview:

HUB (recommended):

Voice 1.0 (Legacy) *Retiring soon

More info can be found HERE

Campaigns Overview:

Analytics Overview:


Templates, Facebook Community and Help Notes

Web Widgets


My Profile and Notifications

Users Page Overview



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