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V3: Making selected CCB groups into PastorsLine groups
V3: Making selected CCB groups into PastorsLine groups

I want my CCB group to come over as a new group in PastorsLine "as is" (two way sync).

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Step 1: Log into V3

Step 2: Get to your Integrations page.

OPTION 1: Click on the Integrations icon (gold box + Option 1 in image below).

OPTION 2: Click on your Dashboard --> Locate the Sitemap section --> Click on Integrations (turquoise flow + Option 2 in image below).

Step 3: The Integrations page will open up, showing all your current integrations. Scroll down and select the Premium tab to set up CCB (gold circle in image below)


1. Click on the "Select Group(s) to Sync" option under CCB and a list of your CCB groups will appear.

You can also search for the group you wish to bring over in the top right corner of the screen.

If you do not see your group listed, or if you just recently created this group in CCB, it may not show up in this list automatically. Click any of these "refresh" options to quickly refresh the list to include any new groups. 

2. Toggle on the group(s) you want to sync and bring over as new groups in PastorsLine. These groups will come over as a two-way integration. Anyone you add to either group on either side will also be added to the group on the other side.

*NOTE: Removing participants works differently. Removing someone from the PastorsLine group will not remove them from the group in CCB. BUT removing someone from the group in CCB will remove them from the group in PastorsLine as well. We wanted to make sure people were not accidentally removed from groups so the CCB group is the "control".

3. After selecting all the groups you wish to sync, click on ‘Sync Groups’ (one is located at the bottom, right-hand corner and one near the top right corner. Either one will work).

4. The box will close and the syncing will begin. In most cases. this takes 15-30 minutes (but sometimes much sooner) to appear in your groups page. You should also received an email confirmation once that group has been synced (owners and admins will received this email).

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