To completely delete a contact that is not from an integration:

1. go to your contacts page:

2. Search for the contact you want to delete, and you can either click the box next to the contact and then select "Delete" once it's an option, or click the trashcan next to that person. 

For deleting contacts brought into PastorsLine through an integration:
You cannot completely delete a contact from showing in PastorsLine if they are brought over through an integration. You can delete them the same way listed above, but after the next time you sync, they will show in your contacts page again with "restore" next to them. This allows you to restore the contact to PastorsLine if needed. 

If you want to remove people from PastorsLine and not have them show in your contacts list, I would suggest unsubscribing them instead of deleting them (both deleting and unsubscribing them prevents you from being able to message that person) but using the unsubscribe option allows you to filter those people out of your list. 

Unsubscribe them by clicking the "view" icon next to their name in the contacts page, 

Then, in the next screen, click "unsubscribe"

OR, if you are in the inbox, simply click the unsubscribe icon next to their name.

Then, in the contacts page, you can click the "gear" settings icon, and unselect the "show unsubscribed" filter to "hide" your unsubscribed contacts.

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