This option syncs an existing group in PastorsLine (PL) to the process queue (PQ) of your choice. This is a 1-way sync and requires linking the PL group to a group in CCB. Only people added to the group in PL will be added to the PQ. People added to the PQ will not be added to the group in PL. 

Check out more ways to integrate with Process Queues HERE.

How to sync a new or existing group with a CCB process queue:

1. Go to your Groups page (brown box below).

2. Find your group (2a below) or create a new one (2b below).

2a. If you are editing an existing group, find the group name, and in the Actions column, click the pencil icon to "edit" the group (brown circle below).

2b. To create a new group

Step 1: Click on Create New (brown box below).

Step 2: The Add New Group page will open. Type in your group name (1, blue arrow below). Add keywords if you wish (2, brown arrow below). If you need help with adding keywords, check out this article:

No matter where you came from, the next steps will look the same.

3. Find the Sync with an external app toggle button (green box below). Toggle it on (button will turn purple).

4. Click on the downward arrow (orange box above) to select CCB from the dropdown list. Notice how CCB is now populated in this space (screenshot below).

5. Select as needed...

5.1. CCB Campus (brown box/arrow below).

5.2 CCB Group (blue boxes below) + Leader (green arrow below) - Select the CCB group you would like to sync the group you are creating with OR choose to create a new group in CCB and PastorsLine will do that for you instantly. If creating a new group in CCB, you must select a group leader for that group. If syncing to an existing group in CCB, the group leader step will be skipped.

5.3 Toggle on Also add to a Process Queue (gold box above). The button will turn purple.

Click on the downward arrow to choose your process queue from the dropdown menu (brown arrow above).

In order to prevent people being added to the queue multiple times if they text in multiple times, toggle on the option that says "If recipient has already entered the queue, then skip" (blue box above).  

6. Click Save to save the group. Or if you added a keyword to this group, click Save and Collect More Data to add (or edit) the data capture (FKA autoresponder) steps linked to this group. You will be taken to a new page where you will edit and personalize your data capture (FKA autoresponder) even more. 

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