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V3: Ninja Trick - Volunteer Reminders (PCO)
V3: Ninja Trick - Volunteer Reminders (PCO)

Sending volunteers reminder texts before serving

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You are able to send automated reminder texts through an easy "ninja trick" with PastorsLine and PCO. 

To set this up, you need to first create a people list to search for the volunteers that are unconfirmed. 

1. Create your list rules to search for the "unconfirmed" individuals in your service.

2.  Turn on "Auto refresh Every night" in the settings

Next, the rest of the steps are done in your PastorsLine account.

1. Go to your Integrations page and click "select lists to sync" (Also, double check to make sure "overnight syncing" is turned on)

2. Choose the people list you created above (You can search for it in the top right corner or refresh the list if needed).

3. Click "sync lists"
4. Once the sync is complete, you will see your people list as a group in the groups page. 

Next, create your Automated Message Campaign

1. Create an Automated Message Campaign (AMC) with the trigger: "Trigger by group" - and type out the name of that PCO list to be the group selected.

2. Create the serving reminder message you want to be sent. 

3. Schedule it for when you would like it to send to them. If you want it sent the next day, use "Send After 0 Days", "On the Same Day", and entered the time you want it sent at (I would recommend 9am or later). 

4. Click Save.

That's all you need for a simple serving reminder text :)

If you want information on how to set up the rest, follow these steps and links to articles to help you set those up.

1. Include the keyword you want them to reply with in your message from above steps.
2. Create a simple group with a keyword and autoreply. For information on how to create a simple group auto response, go HERE.
3. Create an Automated Message Campaign with an internal message. Make sure you use the Trigger by group trigger and select the group you created in Step 2. Follow the directions in this article HERE to set up an internal alert 

*For information on how to create a general Automated Message Campaign, go HERE

How this works:
Once this is set up, The PCO list will auto refresh at 2am, If you have overnight syncing turned on (see this option in the integrations page), your PastorsLine account will auto sync at 3am PST, adding those people from your PCO list to your group in PL which will also add them to your AMC and schedule that message to go out that same day! 

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