Do you have a group of synced contacts that have been deleted...and you want to get them back? Now you can restore them.

A group bulk restore from the Campaigns page

A bulk unarchive from the People View

To do a Group Bulk Restore

  1. While logged into V3, click More Menus (three-dot icon, gold circle in image below) and select Campaigns (brown box in image below).

The Campaigns page would open on the right-hand side of the screen (image below).

2. Click the downward arrow (gold circle in image below) and select Keyword/Autoreply (brown arrow in image below). Then click on Apply (grey circle in image below).

3. Click on View (eye icon, gold circle in image below)

4. Click on Settings (downward arrow near Gear icon, brown arrow in image below).

A dropdown menu will open.

5. Click on Restore all deleted synced contacts (purple box in image above).

REMEMBER: Since you are opening the bulk restore from within a group, ONLY the synced group members who have been deleted from this PastorsLine group (and not from your Integration) will be restored.

Note that the integration (brown box in image above) will be the integration app of the chosen synced group. Click the integration box to confirm and then click SUBMIT (gold box in image above).

6. You will get a message confirming success or explaining any issues. Depending on various technical factors, it may take 30-45 seconds for the restore to complete and this message to appear.

To Unarchive Contacts in Bulk

Step 0: Log into V3.

Step 1: Select People (person icon, gold circle in image to the left).

Step 2: Click on the Archived sub-category (brown box in image to the left).

Step 3: Click on the archived group you wish to restore. Depending on your integrations, you will see different options.


We have chosen All (light blue box in image to the left).

Step 4: Click on More Menus (turquoise box in image below. From the dropdown menu, click on Select Multiple.

A box would appear showing that everyone in the group has been selected (turquoise box in image to the left).

You would also see a tick [check mark] in front of all contacts indicating they have all been selected (gold arrow in image to the left).

Step 5: Click on Actions (fuchsia box in image to the left). Click to open the dropdown menu. Now, select Unarchive.

Step 6: A dialog box pops up to confirm your selection. Select Yes, unarchive (gold arrow in image below) to complete the process.

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