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V3: PastorsLine Referral Rewards
V3: PastorsLine Referral Rewards

Get rewarded for spreading the word about PastorsLine!

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We love being able to reward you for spreading the word about us! That is why we have a referral rewards program! 

How can you get a referral reward?

You have an active PastorsLine account. You refer us to someone. When they sign up for a free trial, both of you will get a 500 credit referral reward. 

Remember: we need to know your connection. So...

your person will mention your name to us.
you will mention their name to us.

This is currently a manual process for us so please follow up with us by sending an email to [email protected] letting us know the church who you referred or who referred you to us so we can get those credits added to your accounts!

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