In order to set up this integration, go to your Integrations page:

Next, click the option to "Select Saved Search(es) to Sync".

Then, you can "toggle on" any saved searches you want integrated and brought over into PastorsLine as a group.

Next, click "Sync Saved Searches". This sync takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes and you will receive an email once it has completed. 

You can view the results by clicking the "eye" icon under the actions menu next to the group.

You can initiate the search for the latest results by clicking the "Sync Now" icon.

You can message the saved search results by either:

 "selecting all" within the view screen and selecting "Send SMS"...

...or by selecting "Send Saved Search SMS" (also in the view screen)...

...or, from the Groups page, you can select the group and choose either "Send Voice Broadcast" or "Send SMS".

You can also link an Automated Message Campaign (AMC) to your Saved Search -- if you choose "trigger by group" within the AMC's settings, anyone NEW added to the saved search or group will automatically be added to your AMC (after syncing) as well.

See our article on AMC's HERE.See also our article on CCB Process Queues HERE.

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