Filters on the Groups and Keywords page allow you to show/hide the groups you want. Our PastorsLine app has three more filters at your service:

Keyword groups

See a list of all the groups that have keywords associated with them.

Imported groups

See a list of all the groups you have imported from outside the PastorsLine app.

When is this useful?
Let's say you have just imported 100 names to add to an existing group of 200 members. Now the group has 300 members, but you want to send a 'welcome' message to only the new members (the 100 you just imported).

Adhoc Groups

These groups are created when you send messages to 'mix and match' people. For example, let's say you send a message to one person from the Bible studies group and two from the Volunteer group. PastorsLine combines these people into an Adhoc group for processing. 

If you think you will need one or more of these ad hoc groups in the future, you can generate a list and rename the ones you want to be able to identify. 

Similarly, you can generate a list and delete them.


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