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Mobile App: Group Info
Mobile App: Group Info

Easy access to group information via a dedicated screen of details. Here's how to get there and what's available.

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The Group Information/Details feature allows you to easily access group information.

Here is the mobile app Groups page. Let's click on the group, Mexico Mission Trip

The Mexico Mission Trip group screen opens up. Click on the three vertical dots for a dropdown list of actions (green box in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen) .

Here is what that dropdown list looks like. Click on Group Info (green box).

The Group Info page opens for easy access of the group details. 

In addition to information, some of the items have options for further actions. For example, Keywords: if the group has a keyword, you will be able to do things like set the default auto reply message and link to an automated messages campaign (AMC). 

We encourage you to explore this screen further.

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