[To clear up any confusion, we want to let you know that PastorsLine doesn’t automatically sync all your PCO People Lists back to PCO. You need to let PastorsLine know explicitly which lists you want synced.]

The PastorsLine-PCO integration CAN sync both ways. But the following directions is how to set up an existing group in PastorsLine with an existing People list in PCO (this is a one way sync from PCO to PL). With this type of set up, we will add anyone in your PCO list to the linked group in PastorsLine. It will not automatically add people the other direction - people added to this PastorsLine group to your People list in PCO. If you want this to be a true two-way sync, check out this article HERE on how to set that up!

1. Go to the ‘Groups’ screen.

2. Select ‘Edit group’ (the pencil) icon next to the group you want to sync.

3. Click on the ‘Sync with an external app’ button. It will turn from red to green.

4. Choose your external app (PCO)

5. Choose the list you want this group synced with (OR choose no list if you only want to add new profiles to PCO and do not have a list to sync with). If do not see your PCO list in the options, click HERE.

6. Click SAVE if you are done and just want a simple group with a keyword or SAVE AND COLLECT MORE DATA if you want to create a data capture linked to this group and keyword. (More about data captures HERE)

7. Next, wait for the sync to finish and all of your PCO contacts from the selected list will populate in this PastorsLine group 

*If you make changes in PCO and want those to reflect in this group in PastorsLine, you must resync. You can easily do this by clicking the "resync" icon next to the group.

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