To find out what a web widget is, visit this article HERE.

*See how this looks on the new PastorsLine app at the end of the article*

How to set up a web widget:

First, on the Left hand side of the page, go to "More" and then select "Web Widgets"

Next, select which group you want people who fill out your web widget to be added to. *Your group already needs to be created (click HERE for instructions on how to do that) 

Now you can edit your AutoReply Message (this is the TEXT message they will receive after submitting their information through the form and being added to the group you selected)

Next, select your background color for the sign up page.

Now you can upload a logo (optional)

Choose your font, style, size and color:

Choose your "header" message (This is the message that will be shown on top of the form's screen)

Next, edit the final message that will show after they have clicked "Join Now".

You can also add a redirect URL if needed.

Choose what information you would like to collect on the form (only phone number can be required) and then click continue

Next, you will see all of the different types of links you can choose from and copy and paste them accordingly. *PLEASE NOTE you cannot view these links or make changes to this web widget once you are finished. Please make sure you have copied and pasted / saved these links to share BEFORE leaving the web widget section. 

Once copied, click "Continue"

You will now be taken to a screen where you can preview your web widget. Click the "back" arrow to make any changes. 

Now the web widget is ready to be used! 

PRO TIP: If the group you selected for this is also set up with a data capture (see this article HERE for how to set up a group with a data capture), any information not collected on this web widget form will be collected via the data capture. 

For the example below, email was not filled out before the form was submitted. 

Once the form is submitted, the recipient will receive the data capture text messages necessary to complete the data capture (If on the online form, the name was left blank, the name data capture message would be sent, if email was left  blank, the email data capture text would be sent and so on). You can view the "stage" each person is on by viewing the data capture campaign (see this article HERE on how to view campaigns).

New HUB:

As the blue arrow shows, you choose the 'from' number according to the options in the dropdown menu.


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