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Mobile App: New Buttons
Mobile App: New Buttons

It's easier to start new text conversations, make new groups, or add new contacts. Just click on the button. See more in this post.

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Our team has added several new buttons to our PastorsLine Mobile App for new text conversations, new groups, and new contacts.

New Text Conversations

Easily create new text conversations with one person or a group.

Let's look at an example...
This is what the mobile inbox looks like. To start a new text conversation, click on the New Text button at the bottom of the list (right-hand side, green box). 

A blank screen will open.

Type in a few letters or numbers to search my contacts' list. Let's say I type in "john". I get a list of everyone with this sequence of letter in their name.

I decide to start a conversation with the first name on the list. I click on the circle to choose this name (orange box) and then click NEXT (green box).

My Contact's page opens. Click on the three vertical dots (green arrow) to open a dropdown menu of actions. 

Here is the open dropdown menu. Click on whichever action you wish and continue. 

New Groups

Speedily make a new group.

Let's look at the mobile app Groups page. To create a new group, click on the New Group button at the bottom of the list (right-hand side, green box). 

The next screen will allow you to create an internal or external (integration) group.

Choose your option, and complete the details for your new group. 

New Contacts

Add new contacts and their details quickly.

Let's look at the mobile app Contacts page. To create a new contact, click on the New Contact button at the bottom of the list (right-hand side, green box). 

The New Contact Information screen will open. Fill in the contact information and then click Save (green box at the top, right-hand side of the screen).

Floating buttons

These buttons 'float'. This means that they stay with you as you scroll up and down the page.

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