Do you ever want to send a text to your contacts with mobile phone numbers and a voice broadcast with that same message to your contacts who only have landline numbers?

We make it easy for you to do this!

First, you would need to use our number lookup feature to look up and flag each contact with their phone number type. See more details and instructions on how you can do that HERE

Next, filter your contacts by the phone number type using the filters in the Contact page. This is found by clicking the Gear icon on the right side of the page. You want to check all the options except Hide Landline because you want your landline numbers to show. 

You will see all of your landline numbers. (Make sure you are showing all of the contacts on one page.) 

You can now move these contacts into their own group. To do this, click Select All.

If you already have a landline numbers group (which you created previously), simply click COPY and choose the group to copy them to. 

If you do not have a landline group already created, you can click Send SMS and create a group that way (Don't worry, you will not send everyone an SMS, this is just a "ninja trick" to create a group and add the selected people to it).

Once you click Send SMS, you will be asked to name your group and will then be redirected to the inbox. 

Normally, this is how you would send a group message, but since we do not need to do this, you can just click the Group icon on the left side of the screen to go to your Groups page. There you will see your newly created group with your landline contacts already included. 

From there, you can send them a voice broadcast. 

In order to keep this group updated, you can continue this same process, using the Copy option since you now have a group to add new landline contacts to. 

To quickly see if any new contacts have been added and whether their phone number type has been checked or not, use the filter to show Unchecked Contacts (check every box except Hide Unchecked).

You can then check them individually by clicking the Magnifying Glass icon next to each contact.

Or, you can select the ones you wish to check and then select Check Caller Information

Leave the option to Check all Pages blank, and click on Check and Pay X Credits (the # of credits listed should be the same as the number of contacts you selected). 

Now, you can choose the filters like you did above, leaving Hide Landline unchecked, and you will see all of your landline numbers. 

Choose Select All and copy them to your Landline group. Only the NEW contacts will be added to your group. If there are contacts already in that group, they will not be copied / added again.

We plan to add a systems group that will keep this up-to-date for you! 

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