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V3: Ninja Trick - Significant Event SMS Campaign (PCO)
V3: Ninja Trick - Significant Event SMS Campaign (PCO)

PCO users are able to send out automated significant event texts

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Since we do not integrate with dates other than PCO Birthdays, if you would like to automate sending messages like "Happy Anniversary", Adoption celebration, "Thinking of you on this date", etc, you can create a Custom Significant Event specific campaign using this ninja trick. Pretty much any Custom Significant Event date you can record in PCO, you can use this ninja trick for. Basically, you would be using a PCO People list that re-syncs / refreshes each night via overnight syncing and the PCO refresh list option, to add people to a group linked to an Automated Message Campaign (AMC) which would send out that message for you - automatically!

For how to create a Birthday SMS campaign, click HERE. We have a campaign just for that and we sync with your Birthdays already!

Here is how you can set this up:

1. Create a list in PCO using the following rule: People > Personal > (Choose your Significant Event and make sure you select the "Any Year" one) > Today.

2. Under the PCO list "Settings", make sure "Auto-refresh every night" is toggled to "On"

3. Created a group in PastorsLine (PL) that is synced with this list by toggling on that PCO list in the integrations page. (Go to Settings - Admin Settings - Integrations, then under your PCO section, click "Select lists to sync")

4. Next, in the Campaigns Page, create an Automated Message Campaign (AMC) using the trigger: "Trigger by group" - and type out the name of that PCO list to be the group selected. While creating the AMC, If you are asked to choose your preferred timer settings, choose "TImer: Based on days (Evergreen).

5. Create the Message you want to be sent. You can even change the message for the next time they are entered into the campaign. Schedule it for "Send After - 0 -Days", "On the - Same Day", and entered the time you want it sent at (I would recommend 9am or later). Click Save.

6. Make sure you have "Overnight Syncing" turned ON in the integrations page.

How this works:
Once this is set up, The PCO list will auto refresh at 2am, If you have overnight syncing turned on (see this option in the integrations page - Step 6 in this article), your PastorsLine account will auto sync at 3am PST, adding those people from your PCO list to your group in PL which will also add them to your AMC and schedule that message to go out that same day! 

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