**For the new Voice Broadcast feature from the HUB recommended), check out this article HERE.** 

How to Schedule a Voice Broadcast

Step 1: Click on the Voice icon (phone with audio waves) on the left-hand side of your page. The Voice Broadcast page will open.

Step 2: Click on New Voice Broadcast. The New Voice Broadcast box will pop up.

Step 3: Complete the box by…

3a. Choosing the recording you wish to use. Your options are: Text-to-Voice, MP3 Audio, Voice Recordings (our latest option) - you can record a new voice message, or click My Voice Recordings to reuse a previously recorded voice broadcast. 

3b. Choosing the group you wish to send the broadcast to.

Click Use Recording. The Send Broadcast box will pop up.

Step 4: Review the settings, changing as desired. 

4a. To schedule your broadcast, click on Pick a Date button (with the clock icon on it). Two icons will appear to the left of this button: a Calendar icon and an ‘x’ icon.

Note: If you clicked on the Pick a Date button by mistake, click on the ‘Pick A Date’ option again to cancel.  

4b. Click on the calendar icon. You will be automatically guided to select the date and time to send this message. Then click on Schedule. The Confirmation box will pop up.

4c. Click on Schedule to continue scheduling your voice broadcast or Cancel to go back and edit your scheduling date/time. If you click on Schedule, the Notification box will pop up.

4d. You will see a message that your voice broadcast has been sent for processing. Click OK. You will return to your Voice Broadcast page.  

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