NOTE: The credit restrictions apply only to users. You can add unlimited admins without any credit restrictions. So, you should not encounter this situation when adding admins.

Situation: You want to add a new user and assign that user some credits.

Current credit allocation:
You have 2000 credits available each month. You go to your User Page. On that page you have six users: 2 admins with access to all the messaging credits, 2 with an automatic monthly allocation of ‘250’, and 2 with an automatic monthly allocation of ‘500’. So, it seems that you have 1,500 credits assigned, leaving 500 credits to give to your new user. 

Issue: You click on Add User. When you try to give your new user some credits, the PastorsLine system says that all your available monthly credits have been assigned.

New information: When you come to allocate credits, PastorsLine also takes into account additional numbers. Your ministry has four additional numbers. Each one has an automatic monthly allocation of 125 credits. So, 125 x 4 = 500 … the extra 500 credits you thought you had. PastorsLine always makes sure that your plan will cover the total number of credits assigned.


There are two parts to the user credits that you need to understand first: 

1. Credits per Month - This is the amount you assign to be added (automatically) to that user’s profile every month.

 Current Credits - These are the total credits the user can use. They include any credits you have manually added plus any credits that have rolled over from the previous months. 

On the User Page, click the edit icon next to the user in order to reduce the auto assigned amounts for that current user (the Credits/M column). 

This will free up credits and allow you to assign them to another user. Then, using the total credits you have available on the account, you can provide a buffer by giving them back the credits you removed using the Current Credits column (use the +/- found in the Current Credits column). For example, you reduce one user from auto 250 per month to auto 150 per month. Then, you can manually add more credits to that user’s account.

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