How do I set up a multicampus? 

1. Log in to your PastorsLine account.

2. On the Choose Your Organization page, click Start a new organization instead. The Create a New Organization pop up box will open.

3. Enter the name of your new organization. 

  1. If the organization has a different email to what you are using, you can enter that email. We require a unique email per account. No worries—we will connect your existing account login to this new account, so you can log inlogin and see both organizations.
  2. If your new organization doesn’t have an email or you can’t create a unique email address for it, we can create a forwarding email address for you. E.g. We will create an email such as , and we will forward all emails which arrive to that address to your original email address.  

4. Click Confirm to create your campus.

5. To use your new campus, you need to pick a plan and add a billing profile. Your invoices will be tied to the new email you added in step 3a or what we created for you in step 3b. 

Note: This is currently in beta and there are additional features we would like to add over time.

  • Adding one credit card once then using it to manage all sites. Currently, you would need to enter a credit card again for each site you set up to manage all of your billing. 
  • Allowing you to copy data and campaigns between sites.

What would you like to see?

Find out more about multicampus here.

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