***Option to access your saved voice "templates" from the HUB coming soon***

On the Campaigns page, you can either create a new automated message campaign or add your voice message to an existing campaign. Part I explains how to create a new voice message if needed—you may want to add an existing voice message to your campaign. Part II explains how to add a voice message to an existing campaign.

Part I

To add a new voice message

Step 1: On the left-hand side, click on Voice (telephone + speaker icon). The Voice Broadcast page will open up.

Step 2: Click on New Voice Broadcast. The New Voice Broadcast box will pop up. 

Step 3: Click on Record New Voice Message; give it a name; and verify that the phone number is the one you want to use for Step 4.

Step 4: Now we would like to walk you through the process of recording and saving your new voice message. We will call you on the phone number you have given in Step 3. So, when you are ready, click Call Now

Step 5: After completing Step 4, to see your new voice message recording, click on My Voice Recordings in the New Voice Broadcast box.

NOTE: Even though you are not sending this new recording to a group, at the moment you need to pretend you are in order to save it properly. (We are working to fix this bug in our new app revamp, so hang in there.) To save your new voice recording, choose any group from your group list and click Use Recording. The group you chose WILL NOT receive this voice message.

Part II

To add a voice message to an existing campaign

Step 1: Click on Edit (pencil icon) for the campaign. The Automated Messages page for that campaign will open up.

Step 2: Click on Add new. The New Automated Message box will pop up. 

Step 3: Complete the form, making sure to choose Voice for the message type,  and click Save. The Automated Messages page will refresh to show your new step.

Step 4: Open the new step by clicking on its down arrow to the right of the Trash Can. The Your Message - For New Users in this Automation box will pop up.

Step 5: Complete the information in the form and click Save. Note: This step is where you choose the voice message you want to use. The Successful Save Notification will appear. Click OK.

Now, your existing campaign has a new voice message.

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