PastorsLine recognizes that there is often mobility in church staffs. People come and go. This can mean that churches need to change PastorsLine owners.

'Admin plus' addresses this need. It is quick but secure, with confirmations on both ends.

You have a few different choices on how you can change the owner. *regardless of the method used to change the ownership, the NEW owner will need to pick a new subscription plan and add a new credit card to the account. We do not keep the previous owner's card stored once they are removed as owner

  1.  The current owner can log in, go to "My Profile", and change the information themselves. *If the new owner is already a user on the account, see #2 below

2. Also, the owner can log in, go to "Users" and add a new user with an owner role OR edit an existing user to be an owner.

3. If the owner is no longer available or you do not have their login info to follow one of the first two options, an admin on the account will need to send us an formal request - on your church's letterhead, to change the ownership. 

Please send requests to, CC in as many admins on the account as possible, and include the Owners full name, email, name of the church, and the NEW owner's information. We will need to know if the new owner is already an existing user on the account, or if they are a new user that needs to be invited, their full name, email address and phone number. 

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