You may have noticed a "0" in some of your contact's profiles in place of their phone number. We do this as a "place holder" for that contact when they do not have a phone number listed. 

You might see this more for your contacts coming from MailChimp. Since most MailChimp contacts will have emails and won't have phone numbers, when you bring them over to PastorsLine, we will default the phone number to be a zero. 

You might also see this if you upload contacts from a .csv and there are no phone numbers for some of your contacts, or if you have children in your database that do not have phone numbers. 

Anytime you see a "0" in the place of a phone number, it means there is not a phone number listed for that person. 

If you do not wish to see the contacts with "0", you can filter them out and "hide" them.

  1. Click the "gear" icon on the right side of the page.

  2. Next, "uncheck" the box next to "Show Numbers = 0 (blank)" to hide those numbers with "0":

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