If you want to be able to test out your campaigns and experience your set up like a new guest would, You can simply delete yourself from PastorsLine, test, and then restore your contact after complete.

Here are the steps to use your number to test campaigns:
First, you would need to go to your contacts page and search for all the contacts associated to your phone number. 

Next, select all the listed contacts for that number and click "delete". *if you use multiple integrations, take note of which integration was used to add their profile to your PastorsLine account. In the case below, it was CCB.

Now you can test your campaigns and experience them like a new guest would!

In order to restore your contact profile, follow these steps:
First, Go to your integrations page and click "resync contacts" for the profile you wish to restore. 

You will receive an email once the sync is complete.

Next, go to your contacts page, and search by the number again. 

A list of profiles will populate. Click "restore" next to the profile you wish to restore. 

And that's it!  You've now restored your info!

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