NOTE: Can this replace the built-in texting applications that Tithely ChMS (Elvanto) offers for volunteer reminders and other messaging needs?

At this time, no. There isn’t a way for us to integrate with that functionality. We know the built-in SMS works really well for volunteer workflows and other quick needs, but even Tithely ChMS (Elvanto) would admit it’s not a true, 2-way communication for mass,  personalized engagements. If you are already using the Tithely ChMS (Elvanto)’s SMS for volunteer follow-up, you would continue to do so without impact. It's not an 'either/or'. It can be an 'AND' strategy. 

So why would I even consider your integration, you may ask?

PastorsLine will allow you to create an effective, text messaging strategy for your church, going beyond just reminders and scheduling. You can get a local number and can engage with your audience in true, two-way communication—you to them and they to you. This integration also includes our automated features for guest follow-up, voice, and polling options.

Part A: Create your Tithely ChMS (Elvanto) custom app

PLEASE NOTE: You need to be a “Super Admin” in Elvanto for your organization to add a custom app integration.

Step 1: As a super admin, log in to your Elvanto account, and click on Settings.  

Step 2: Scroll down the page to the Developers section. Click on Integrations.

Step 3: Click on Add.

Step 4: Choose the Custom app option.

Step 5: Fill out the Add App Integration popup.  

Note that in the above image, each line has a letter (A-G).
Below, you will find a guide for each line:

A - Type in "PastorsLine" (don't include the "  ")
B - Leave blank; will populate after saving
C - Leave blank; will populate after saving
D - Type in "PastorsLine Texting App Integration" (don't include the "  ")
E - First, download  and save the image in this link. Then, upload it from your computer.
F - Type in "" (don't include the "  ")
G - Type in "" (don't include the "  ") 

Hit Save

Step 6: Click on the new app created.

Step 7: Copy your Client ID and Client Secret. You have now completed Part A.
Proceed to Part B below. 

Step B: Getting Started with the Integration

Step 1: Log in to your PastorsLine account.

Step 2: Click on the More icon.

Step 3: Choose Integrations then Elvanto.

Step 4: Under Elvanto, click the toggle button to ON. (Red is off; Green is on.)

Step 5: Enter your Client ID and Client Secret. Make sure the correct country code is selected, and click Authorize Application.

Step 6: You will then be taken to a screen where you can log in to your Tithely ChMS (Elvanto) account.  

Once you have logged in, you will be redirected back to your PastorsLine account, and the sync will begin.

You will receive an email once the sync has completed.

Step 7: After the sync is complete, you will need to go back and choose which Tithely ChMS (Elvanto) lists you would like to send to PastorsLine. To do this:

  1. Click on the More icon. (Just like Step 2 above.)

  2. Choose Integrations. (Similar to Step 3 above.)

  3. Under Tithely ChMS (Elvanto), click the option Select the group(s) to sync.

This will bring up a selection of all your Tithely ChMS (Elvanto) lists. Choose which list(s) you would like to sync by turning On the toggle next to each one. (To refresh your memory about what this means, see Step 4 above.) If you do not see the list(s) you need, choose Load More to see more lists. When you are finished selecting all the lists you want to sync, click Sync Lists

Once the lists have finished syncing, they will show up on the Groups page.

NOTE:  To clear up any confusion...
For Tithely ChMS (Elvanto), a collection of people is named a 'list'. In PastorsLine, it is named a 'group'.

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