Types of Contacts

When you are viewing your MailChimp groups in PastorsLine, you might notice an envelope icon under their emails. 

If you hover over that icon, it will show you what type of contact they are.

Your Mailchimp list is designed to help you collect and manage subscribed, unsubscribed, non-subscribed, and cleaned contacts.

Here are some definitions for each:

  • Subscribed contact Someone who has opted in to receive your email marketing campaigns.
  • Unsubscribed contact Someone who was opted in to receive your email marketing campaigns, but isn't currently.
  • Non-subscribed contact Someone who has interacted with your online store, but hasn't opted in to receive your email marketing campaigns.
  • Cleaned contact A non-deliverable email address. Hard bounces, as well as repeated soft bounces, become cleaned addresses.

Contact types determine what kind of marketing a person can receive. For example, subscribed contacts are the only ones who have given you permission to send them email marketing, while subscribed, unsubscribed, and non-subscribed contacts can be targeted with ad campaigns. Cleaned contacts have invalid addresses and cannot receive any messages.

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