We have some HUB Inbox filters that can help you be more efficient when working in your PastorsLine account!

If you have a lot of messages, using filters helps you find the ones you need more quickly.

To use our quick filters, simply click on the filter you want to use. The page will refresh, showing you the information relevant to that filter. We have the following filters on the top of the inbox:

1. Messages

2. Calls / Voice options

3. Groups

4. Contacts

How To Use Additional Filters For Your Messages

Clicking this option will refresh to the Messages filter and the Messages icon will be highlighted (gold box above). This is where you can see all of your messages and conversation history. This is also where you will see the additional filters option (red circle below):

The filters are located in a dropdown menu. Access this menu by clicking on Filter (funnel icon, brown diamond above). In the image below, the dropdown filter menu is open.

Note that several filters have downward arrows next to them (blue box above). This means that you can click on the downward arrow for more options. Let's click on Campaigns.

In the image below, the Campaigns sub-menu has opened, giving me the option to filter by campaign type.

What each filter shows

Unread: messages that you have not read yet

Received: messages sent by others to you

Sent: messages sent by you to others

Undelivered: messages that did not reach their destination, further categorized by unread/read

Scheduled: messages organized for automatic send out (date/time), further categorized by contact/group

Campaigns: messages sent to campaigns, further categorized by campaign type (as we mentioned above)

Favorites: messages which you have starred

Load all: no filtering, all the messages are shown

And those are your filters explained!

Let us know what you think and if you find them helpful!

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