We have some inbox filters that can help you be more efficient when working in your PastorsLine account!

The Star icon
The first icon you will see is the "star". This is your favorites filter. With this, you can "favorite" certain contacts to be able to quickly view or communicate with them at the click of a button. 

Next to each contact in your inbox is a faded "star". 

By clicking that star, it fills in and marks that contact as a "favorite". 

Anytime you want to view your favorite contacts, simply click the "star" icon on the top of the inbox.

The Calendar icon
The next icon you will see looks like a calendar. This is your scheduled messages filter. Clicking on this filter will show you all of your scheduled messages. 

When you click on it, you will be given two options: 

  1. Single SMS - these are your individually scheduled messages and messages from your automated message campaigns. 
  2. Group SMS - these are group messages you have scheduled

Once you click on one of those options, a list of scheduled messages will appear. You can click on any of those messages and in the conversation box, choose to edit, delete, or send now. 

The Messaged Groups Icon
The next filter is the "Messaged Groups" filter. This filter will show you all of your previously messaged groups. This is helpful if you want to message the same group multiple times. 

Once you click on this filter, a list of groups you have previously messaged will populate and you can click any of those groups and a conversation box will open for you to start your message. 

The Tag Icon
The next icon is the Tag icon. This filters your contacts by tag name. You can create tags to mark or sort certain people (ex. member, partner, staff, child, adult, volunteer, prayer (for prayer requests), anything you can think of!) and look them up later or as needed. 

You can message tagged people as well by searching for that tag in the inbox, clicking on the tag name and creating your message. In the current version, creating a tag in PastorsLine also creates a group.

The Envelope Icon
The envelope icon is the "unread messages" filter. This is a quick way to view only your unread messages. 

If you have unread messages, there will be a number in the upper right corner of this icon letting you know how many unread messages you have. 

If you wish to clear all unread messages all at once, marking them all as "read", you can click the "x" next to that number and icon and it will mark all unread messages as read.  

**Please make sure you really want to mark all messages as unread. You cannot go back and undo this. Make sure you have replied to all messages not related to a campaign before doing this.  As a "second line of defense", users assigned to this number will receive a message via email or text depending on their settings letting them know when someone texts something not related to a campaign. 

The Exclamation Icon
The next icon is the triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle of it. This is the "undelivered messages" filter. 

If you have undelivered messages, this icon will be flashing red and you will see a message when you first go into your inbox stating how many undelivered messages you have. 

You can clear all undelivered messages by clicking the "x" showing next to this icon.

Clicking this "x" does not remove them from this filter but it marks it as "seen" so the icon will stop flashing and the message will go away. 

If you click on this ‘x’, the Confirmation box will pop up. As before, you can clear all unseen undelivered messages. Now you can also choose to unsubscribe contacts if their last 2 messages were undelivered.

If you wish to delete the undelivered message, you need to click the contact listed, and in the conversation box, under the message, click "delete". 

If you wish to see the reason why it was not delivered, hover over the icon in the conversation box. 

You can also try and resend the message by clicking the arrow icon next to it. 

And those are your filters explained! Let us know what you think and if you find them helpful!

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