The PastorsLine platform is a shared build supported by our partners (all the churches we work with). Our mission is to keep our lights on and our features in top, operating condition 24/7/365, so we can help make your mission even more effective.

In order for us to keep providing both competitive pricing and rollover credits—and continue to use your feedback to improve our platform with what churches need—it helps when we can predict your contributions. That is, our extremely generous offer of rollover credits is a benefit only when churches maintain their contributions or upgrade. As a result, downgrading your plan will cause your church to lose out on those accumulated benefits. 

We know from personal experience how budget is a big factor for many churches. That’s why we’ve priced ourselves competitively. We are one of the most economically-priced, bulk texting platforms for churches...and if you add all our useful, church-focused features, you could even say that our pricing is very inexpensive.

This means that PastorsLine is already saving you $$ per month compared to other competitively-priced vendors and your savings increase over time. 

As part of our mission to support you, we’ve allowed churches to rollover their unused credits with no expiry date. Allowing rollover credits is a bonus privilege which we are pleased to offer to those who have an active account. 

When your church chooses to downgrade your plan, the following will happen:

  • You may not be able to sync more than one premium app at the same time.

  • Also, you will lose all (100%) of your rolled-over credits, and we reset the counter (though the new lower package will allow you to roll over new credits moving forward).

To downgrade your account, follow these directions:

1. Log in to your PastorsLine account.

2. Finding your Billing page:

Using V3?

Using V2?

Using V2?

If you cannot see this option, that means you do not have access. You will need to be in touch with the owner/admin of your PastorsLine account.

Now click here for the remainder of the process.

Using V3?

Click on your thumbnail picture or initials (gold box in image to the left).

Then, clock on Admin Settings (turquoise box in image to the left).

Click on Billing (see image to the left).

If you cannot see this option, that means you do not have access. You will need to be in touch with the owner/admin of your PastorsLine account.

Continue as below.


3. Under the Plan information graphic choose the "Upgrade / Downgrade" option.

4. Choose the new monthly or yearly plans you want to downgrade to, and then select "choose this plan" under the plan you have decided on.

5a. If you are downgrading to a plan that doesn't cover any integrations, you will see this warning pop up. Click "Manage my Apps to manage this". Or "Nevermind" if you do not wish to downgrade. You will need to toggle off your integration(s) before continuing with the downgrade. Once you have turned off the integrations (if applicable), go back to your billing page and repeat steps 1-4.

5b. Now, after you have chosen your new plan, you will see a pop up warning you that you are about to lose all of your credits if you proceed in downgrading. Click "Remove Credits and Proceed".

6. Follow the next steps as they walk you through to complete the process.

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