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V3: Why are you using MailChimp to send automated emails?
V3: Why are you using MailChimp to send automated emails?
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Our PastorsLine team believes in an ‘AND’ not an ‘OR’ digital strategy. We believe that churches should use a variety of platforms which are the best at what they do. At the moment, PastorsLine does not have an email feature because we believe in concentrating on what we do best: bulk texting for churches.

However, email is still very much an important part of a successful church digital strategy. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we have decided to allow you to use the #1 email newsletter for churches and non-profits: MailChimp (MC). MailChimp is #1 because they are great at what they do—templates, analytics, sending mass emails, etc.

Our tight integration with MailChimp means that we can pull all of your MC data into PastorsLine. And if you capture data with our PastorsLine automated data capture feature, we can push that data back to MailChimp.

In other words, a savings of time and a reduction of human error.

Also, using MailChimp doesn’t have to cost you any more:

  • MailChimp has an excellent free tier that anyone can use. This free tier covers 10000 emails per month—more than plenty for many churches. 

  • The PastorsLine-MailChimp integration is a free part of any monthly or yearly plan. You would not need “email credits” to send automated messages. 

To recap: You can get more from and do most of what you have to do with one, free integration which doesn’t have to cost you any more. We think that makes good sense.

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