You can now (in beta) send automated emails using our automated messages campaign. 

Here's how to setup an AM campaign with MC Emails.

  1. Go to your campaigns Page

2. Click "Create New Campaign"

3. Select "Create Automated Messages" from the drop down menu

4. Name your campaign

5. Once the campaign has been created, you will be brought into the edit screen. Now you need to edit your triggers - how do you want participants to be entered into this campaign? By Keyword, group, or data capture? More on triggers HERE. Once you have selected your triggers, click "Save".

6. Now you are back to your edit screen. Click "add new" to add a new scheduled message to the campaign.

7. Title your message - we recommend naming it something that describes the action that message is doing. ex. 1st email - Welcome new guest or 1st text - welcome text, or Poll - new guest survey, etc.

8. Select "Email" (can also use text or poll in automated message campaigns, but for this article, we are talking about email only)

9. Next, select the "Message Type" (which is MailChimp)

10. Choose your timer settings. Timer: Based on days (evergreen) is the most common. Choose this if you want to send messages based on the number of days after a person has entered the campaign. (ex. messages will be sent on the 1st Monday after the person texted, was added to a group, or completed a data capture - depending on which triggers you have selected) Date-based (one time use) is only if you want to use this campaign one time. This is date specific and after the date has past, it will no longer work. (ex. messages will be sent on December 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.)

11. Click "SAVE" and you will be brought back to the "edit" screen where you will see your new message.

12. Next, it's time to add your email template and edit the message's settings. Click anywhere on the message bar or the drop down arrow at the far right to reveal your message settings. 

13. Review the details of the message - message type = email, message sub-type = MailChimp, and Action = Email.  Next, you will need to select a default MC list / audience to connect this campaign with. This will add people that are added to this campaign to that audience as well. (It is a new requirement from MailChimp for us to be linked to an audience)

14. Under the Message section, click "Edit" 

Fill out the required information (Subject, From name, from email - this is the section in front of the @ in your email address, and your domain - the second half of your email address and after the @. Domains MUST be verified through mailchimp before messages can be successfully sent)

Select which MailChimp template you wish to use or create a new one (this will redirect you to MailChimp to create a new template)

15. Click "Save" and you will be brought back into the message settings. 

16. Lastly, you need to schedule the day and time you want the email to be sent at. See this article HERE for help on how the evergreen timing works. 

17. Click "Save" if you are done, or "Add New" to add additional messages. 

Here is a more technical video on how to this up as well: 

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