What are templates and where are they? 

Templates are reusable messages for communication. You can create both text and voice templates with the PastorsLine platform. Coming soon are email and campaign templates also.

You can use one of our suggested templates and tweak it. You can also create your own. 

Existing templates can always be edited to reflect your new needs.

The merge fields you can use with templates are first and last names, email, phone and birthday.

To access Templates

Option 1: Click on the Templates button in the green ‘actions’ column on the left side of the PastorsLine page.

Option 2: Click on the Templates icon wherever you see it. Below is how it looks from your Inbox.

When you click on this icon, the Templates box opens. You will see a list of existing templates (PastorsLine templates + any which you have already created). You can open and tweak a template as needed. You can create a new one.

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