*See info about new HUB at the end of this article.*

What are templates and where are they? 

Templates are reusable messages for communication. You can create both text and voice templates with the PastorsLine platform. Currently, we have template options you can use for an Automated Message Campaign - messages we recommend when creating a guest follow up workflow and more will be added along the way too! Coming soon are email templates also.

You can use one of our suggested templates and tweak it, or you can create your own. 

Existing templates can always be edited to reflect your new needs.

The merge fields you can use with templates are first and last names, email, phone and birthday.

We also will be adding fully live campaigns you can use as soon as you have an account with us! Currently we have to following campaigns auto-populated in your account and there will be more added in the future as well! :

  1. New Guest Data Capture: a group with a keyword connected to a data capture so you can start collecting your new guest's information via text right away!
  2. Automated Message Campaign for New guests: This is the new guest follow up workflow that we recommend using for new guests. It's a 3 week follow up that includes an internal text to a user on your account, a poll, and 3 text messages.
  3. Directory Update Campaign: This uses a data capture to allow your members to text a keyword to update your database with their new contact information. 

To access Templates

Option 1: Click on the Templates button in the green ‘actions’ column on the left side of the PastorsLine page.

Option 2: Click on the Templates icon wherever you see it. Below is how it looks from your Inbox.

When you click on this icon, the Templates box opens. You will see a list of existing templates (PastorsLine templates + any which you have already created). You can open and tweak a template as needed. You can create a new one.

For the new HUB:

Basically, the procedure is the same. It just looks somewhat different. 

In the new HUB, the orange arrow points to the Add a Template icon. 

You click on this to begin the process.

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