Understanding the Inbox Combined View and why we did it this way

We found that data was being crossed when our client partners used any of our integrations and especially if they used more than one simultaneously. Based on how our users wanted to manage their profiles, we developed the Inbox combined view as the solution to this challenge. 

Since the chat history is based on the phone number and not necessarily on the actual profile of the person, you can see the whole history of the conversations in this view, regardless of which profile you have selected at the time. We combine the profiles into one, under the primary contact’s name, for the sake of viewing the entire chat history. So if you have a spouse or child using the same phone number, even though there are separate profiles for each person, we combine them together, so you can view the entire chat history for that phone number.  

To see the integrations associated with a profile

Step 1: Go to your inbox. Click on the relevant profile. This profile will open up in the middle column of your Inbox page. 

Step 2: Look at the profile name at the top center. Note that there is a dropdown arrow to the right of the name. Click on the Dropdown Arrow. The list that opens will show all the integration profiles for this profile.

To switch between profiles

Step 1: Follow Steps 1+2 above.

Step 2: In the dropdown menu, click on the Integration Profile as desired.

To edit a profile

Step 1: Follow all the steps above (4 steps in total). 

Step 2: Look at the right-hand column of your Inbox page. You will see the details of the profile you chose. Edit these details as desired.

NOTE: The changes will only take place in the specific integration which the profile is in and NOT over all your integrations.

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