How to Work with and Refresh Message Statistics

To see the analytics for a message

Step 1: Click on Logs (clipboard icon) located on the left-hand side of your Dashboard. The Logs page will open up. 

Step 2: The default Logs report is the SMS Outbox (Group). Choose the report you are interested in from the dropdown menu if different than the default.

Step 3: Choose your other parameters (User/Number, From-To dates, Show # per page) as desired. Click Show. The Report Details page will open up.

Step 4: Click on the Graph icon in the Actions column of the relevant message. The analytics of that message will open up.

NOTE: Our statistics are updated on a real time basis. However, they are dependent on the information the mobile carriers send to us. Sometimes, carrier information is delayed, so the statistics may not be the most up-to-date. Use the Refresh Statistics button on the analytics page to update the stats. While the stats are refreshing, you can go to other PastorsLine pages without affecting the refresh. We will send you an email when the refresh is finished, so you can go back and see what, if anything, has changed.

We cannot track read, opened, viewed, etc. The carriers only send back delivered or undelivered messages to us.

Filtering analytics

The SMS Status column will show you the result of each SMS message. 

To filter the Status Column: Note the dropdown menu to the right of the Search (magnifying glass) box. Click on the arrow, and choose your filter from the dropdown menu.  

Understanding the Status Column

Sent = The text message went through on our end, but we haven’t yet received a message back from the contact’s mobile carrier saying that it was successfully delivered. This does not mean your message was not delivered. The contact’s carrier might not have sent a confirmation yet, and some carriers do not send confirmations at all.

Delivered = The contact’s mobile carrier confirms that the message was delivered to the contact.

Failed or Undelivered = Reasons could be that you sent your message to a landline which was not text-message-enabled or to a non-valid phone number. The flagging of these messages allows you to follow up, including editing/deleting contacts from your database.

  • To delete a contact: Click on the Trash/Garbage Can icon in the Actions column of the relevant contact.

  • To edit a contact: Click on the Eye icon in the Actions column of the relevant contact.

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