How to manually Process/Manage Duplicate Contacts

Step 1: Go to your Contacts page. 

Step 2: To identify whether a contact has duplicates—Look at the Phone Number column. A red star in this column indicates at least 1 duplicate. 

Step 3: To manage duplicate contacts—Click on the Star of the relevant contact. The Set Up Primary Contact list will open. This is a list of everyone associated with the phone number in question. 

Step 4: Select the default primary contact by clicking on the star to the left of the contact.

NOTE: When using merge fields such as ‘name’...

If all the duplicate contacts are in 1 group, the default contact will be the one receiving the emails. Let’s say though the husband is in a men’s group and the wife in a woman’s group. A message sent to the woman’s group will be received by the wife. Same for a message to the men’s group and the husband.   

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