How to Use Multiple Keywords

Using multiple keywords in the same campaign allows you to capture common misspellings and autocorrect errors. So, even though the keyword sent is technically ‘in error’, the relevant campaign is triggered. 

Step 1: Go to the Groups page. Click on Edit (the pencil icon) of the group for which you wish to add keywords. The Edit Group box will open. 

Step 2: On the Create Keywords line, type in as many keywords as you want (up to 500 characters worth). To save the keyword on the line, hit Enter or click on the keyword when it pops up. When you are finished, click Save at the bottom of the page to save all your keywords for this group. 

To recap: once you have entered in and saved all your keywords, ANY of those keywords will trigger the same automation / campaign that you have set up for this group. 

To delete one or more keywords from your group: click on the ‘X’ next to the keywords. The Select which keyword(s) to remove screen will open. You will notice that to the left of each keyword is a box which can be checked or not. If the box is checked, the keyword will be removed. To complete your action, click on Delete.

Reminder: Each keyword can only be used for one group / campaign. For example, you cannot use ‘Guests’ as the keyword for more than one group / campaign.    

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