How to Use Your PastorsLine Notification Settings

Every time someone texts your PastorsLine number, you will receive a notification in your Inbox. Same for your phone if you are using our mobile app. However, there are additional notifications you can use.

To find your Notification Settings…

Step 1: Go to the top, right-hand corner. Click the arrow under your name and picture. 

Step 2: Click on Notifications (the bell icon). The Notification Settings page will open.

To select Notifications…

Step 1: Look at the middle of the page and find the section entitled Incoming SMS Alerts.

Step 2: Choose email or SMS notifications by clicking on the circle to the right of the option.

For SMS notifications

2a. Put any phone number you want including your personal phone number. 

2b. When someone texts your PastorsLine number(s), a notification will be sent to the number you have chosen. If the texter’s name is known, this will be included with the text message. If the name is unknown, the notification will be the phone number and the text message.

NOTE...this is a viewing option only. You will not be able to reply via this notification.

For email notifications

2a. The email which will be used is the email in your PastorsLine profile. 

2b. When someone texts your PastorsLine number(s), a notification will be sent to your profile email. The email will show you the text message, the texter’s name, the texter’s phone number, and the PastorsLine number they texted to. 

To reply to an email notification

2a. RECOMMENDED: Reply online. You will be taken into your PastorsLine account Inbox for your reply.

2b. Reply via email: Delete all of the conversation history. Then, write your reply and send. This message will be sent as a text message to the sender. NOTE: If you do not delete your conversation history, it will be sent and count as credits used.

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