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V3: Using Group Trigger in Automated Message Campaigns
V3: Using Group Trigger in Automated Message Campaigns

Using Group Trigger in Automated Message Campaigns (AMC)

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If you want to be able to add people to a group and the same automations trigger for them as it would for the people added to the group through texting a keyword, then you can use the "trigger by group" trigger. 

This is useful for situations like new guests where you have some guests texting a keyword, and others filling out paper cards. You would be able to add those people who filled out paper cards to a group and the same guest follow up workflow would be triggered for them, that does for those who texted in. 

To set this up, click the "edit" icon next to the automated message campaign you wish to use the group trigger for.

Next, find the campaign's triggers, and click "edit triggers"

Then you can choose to toggle on the trigger by group, and search for and add the group you want to connect to this campaign.

Click save, and you're done!

*Please note that you would need to be aware of the timing of the scheduled texts. If your messages for guest follow up are scheduled to start the Monday after they text, you would need to add those "paper card" people to the group on Sunday. If they are scheduled to go out on Tuesday, you would need to add them to the group on Monday, etc.  

If you cannot add them to the group the day before the message is scheduled in the campaign, you can clone the campaign and use the cloned one for the "paper card" people and choose to send that first message "immediately". There is about a 6 minute delay from the time the person is added to a group/campaign until the message is sent. The rest of the messages could remain scheduled as is. It is only the first message that would be incorrect for the "paper card"people. Learn more about cloning campaigns

You can also use our integrations to add people to groups and trigger different automations. If you add someone to a group (for CCB) or people list (for PCO) that is synced to a group in PastorsLine, once your account is synced (either using overnight syncing or syncing when you log into your account), the automations associated with that group in PastorsLine would be triggered. 

Check out this article HERE on a Ninja trick you can use with CCB Process queues! 

You can also use CCB forms to put people into different workflows and automations based on their answers on the form. Check that out HERE.

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