***Now that PastorsLine has Smart Syncing, we do not do this.
In the 'Select when to add contacts' dropdown menu, you will see that the 'Send immediately' option is now obsolete.***


For CCB users, since we are creating and filling out profiles with names, emails and phone numbers, live/as people are texting in, we need to use a "placeholder name" in CCB until they respond to our data capture with their name. Once they respond, we replace the name "There Friend" with their name. 

Because you cannot create a profile without first having a name for that person, we use the name "There Friend". So in CCB, if you have people that have not completed the data capture, you might have some profiles with the name There Friend. 

This can cause some issues if you are using the "send immediately for new contact" option to connect your data capture to your automated message campaign. This option means you want the automated message campaign to start regardless if they have completed the data capture yet. With this option, they are put immediately into the automated message campaign, and the messages you set up to be sent are scheduled right then, before the data capture is complete.   

But because their first name is still listed as "There" in CCB, if you are using any first name merge fields in your automated message campaigns, that will be what their first name will say in their scheduled messages when they go out. 

We always recommend using the "Send after getting contact information" option. This ensures that before they move on to the automated message campaign, we have their first and last name and their email address. 

You can always go back and view who has not completed the data capture and send them a reminder to finish the process or delete them if you'd like. 

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